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A few kind words from artists I've had the pleasure of working with.

"I've worked with Harvey Brice many times down the years in various capacities; as engineer/producer, manager and mentor. He is always accomodating of project constraints, time or budget, he always puts his fullheart and sould into the work and his output is always spot on. The "Breathe" EP remains one of my favorite recordings. I'm happy to call this guy a friend. He's a constant source of honest input on my work as an artist."


Trever Stribing - PA Line (artist)

"A comfortable, professional and intimate atmosphere. Sudio 107 provides phenominal production quality to musicians coming from all genres of the music landscape"


Demetri Realmuto - Golden Caulfield (artist)

"They say musicians make the best sound engineers. They are right! Harvey Brice is both. Personally, as a musician, he has done sound for all of my bands and has always done a great job. As a sound engineer myself, I have also been in rooms that Harvey has mixed and he always has an ear for detail. He has the ability to make a good band sound great!"


Aaron Ziolkowski - Artist / Sound engineer

"My trio and I at the time were looking for a producer to record our first EP and couldn't have been more happy with Harvey. He's a friendly guy that has a wealth of knowledge surrounding music production and the industry as a whole. He knows how to respect your creative space while adding mindful suggestions. All in all we're relly happy with the mixing/mastering he did for us and really feel like we learned a lot while working with him!"


Nick Reding / Redwood Trio - Artist / Band

(Image Credit: Jessica Rohl)

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