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Harvey Brice is a storyteller. He's been telling stories since a very young age. And in spite of being told he's a very naughty boy, he still does to this day.


Much like any other English lad growing up in the 70s Harvey developed his musical chops by participating in church choir and school musicals. Through school and home tutors, he picked up some music theory (Grade 5 no less!) and some keyboard skills. At school he showed a talent for poetry and creative writing that led to a number of childhood awards. He also showed a talent for drawing that he still pursues and occassionally showcases on album covers.


Growing up Harvey enjoyed listening to both commercial charts/billboard music and underground post-punk independent music being a regular listener to both the UK chart rundown on Sunday afternoons and Jon Peel in Session on Friday nights. This fired Harvey with a passion for alternative music that had a strength to reach out to mainstream audiences. He discovered artists that could bridge both audiences and here he found his influences.




In his late teens with the age of digital music software becoming available in the home, Harvey put together a collection of 15 instrumental electronic tracks using Soundtracker on a Commodore Amiga entitled "Introducing Dr H".


This album is unfortunately lost... (if anyone finds a C90 cassette with "Introducing Dr H" scratched on it in biro please e-mail Harvey@Harveybrice.com to arrange its return to the bosom of its creator).


Harvey found that creating music was an escape from a challenging home environment. He also found satisfaction in the songs he was able to create it became part of how he identified himself, he was an active member of the local goth youth subculture and enjoyed loud music 24/7 like any other self-respecting teenager.


He went onto study media and communications studies at Bournemouth and Poole College, and social sciences and languages at Wolverhampton university. Music took a backseat role in his early adult life.


And then life happened... Harvey got pulled through some pretty tough life events, this brought up all of the darkness from his teens. Before he knew it he was alone and in a dark place...


Harvey turned to the creative arts to find passage through these years. As well as painting and drawing he took to writing again and wrote a collection of poems that remain unpublished.


These poems were shared with friends and family and competitions but without any impact. Harvey had the idea to pick up a guitar and start to put words to music and good things started to happen. Early music compositions included "Flame" and "Knocking on your door" which are still popular with audiences today.


Through the music Harvey quickly attracted a group of musicians in his home town of Bournemouth UK and wrote and performed for a number of years to growing appreciation. A band called "Jingo" evolved, they wrote and performed but never recorded (outside of some very dodgy rehearsal recordings).


In 2002 Harvey moved to New York through a business opportunity and resolved to take things to the next level musically.




Once settled in New Jersey, now with wife Tina and kids accumulating, he built a home studio space.


He networked with local musicians and formed the Harvey Moon Project. Partnering with the likes of Darren Wilsey (UCLA) and recording at places like Jonathan Mover's Skyline Studios Harvey produced both solo and HMP projects giving birth to his first radio-ready EPs "Still Bard" and "Brown Eyed Girl". During this time Harvey developed his stage performances across New Jersey as a solo and band act and went on to record a live album with Harvey Moon Project "Go live" and EP "Silence the Fickel Cell".


In 2007 Harvey moved to Buffalo, NY. A new (better again) home studio was built and after a short hiatus in 2008 Harvey started performing again solo which gave birth in 2010 to solo album "By Each River" (an anagram of Harvey Brice!) and in 2013 with newly formed band The Unbroken, released the EP "Stay Unbroken".


While in Buffalo, the guys from NJ reached out to Harvey again and the virtual band Shutterwax was born. Living in 4 states demanded a creative approach to recording (see below for more info). Shutterwax have released one album "Dig me a well" and album #2 "A piece of art too far" is due to release in 2016.


In 2015 Mark Morgan from Jingo has reached out again to record the Jingo EP from back in the Bournemouth days... more to come here.


Harvey continues to perform solo and band sets as Harvey Brice and The Unbroken, is recording solo album "Death of a songwriter" and has recently opened the doors of Studio 107 to friends and upcoming Buffalo & UK artists.


By 2016 Harvey's discography will include 5 EPs and 4 Albums legitimizing his status as a career songwriter and experienced performer, producer and recording artist.


Harvey Brice and the Unbroken are an original alternative folk band from Buffalo, NY. With residency at Penny Lane Cafe, Clarence NY and The Tudor Lounge, Buffalo.
The band has been together 5 years with evolving members always with Harvey at the center, the line of the band has been largely unbroken except for the dark times in 2014 when the band collapsed due to internal fighting.


The rough history of the unbroken...


Unbroken (2011) - Original band members were Harvey Brice (gtr & vox), Caco Cortez (gtr), Tom Sullivan (perc) and Rich Hendricks (gtr)

Unbroken II - Jess Ball joins on violin

Unbroken III - Ian Hanavan Joins on bass

Unbroken IV - Caco Cortez heads for the UK, Rich Hendricks and Tom move on to other things. Greg Skulicz (gtr), Steve Bell (drum) and Cary Meehan (keys) join

Unbroken V - Cary Meehan departs. Band is now Harvey, Steve, Ian, Jess and Greg for some time until Jess leaves to go study in california, Steve takes a short break, Larry joins on accordion, Steve re-joins.


Broken... In the spring of 2014 after internal bickering the band is shut down. Ian Hanavan and Steve Bell move on and band takes a break from summer 2014 to summer 2015, Harvey records solo material.


Harvey Brice & the Unbroken - The pheonix awakens (2015) - band re-launches as Harvey Brice (gtr & vox), Greg Skulicz (gtr), Larry Smith (bass) and Tom Sullivan (perc)

Harvey Brice & the Unbroken II - Tom moves on, Trever Stribing (drums) and Alyssa Wainwright join (violin)

Harvey Brice & the Unbroken III (2016) - Greg moves on leaving Harvey (vox/gtr) Larry (bass), Trever (drum), Alyssa (violin)

Harvey Brice and the Unbroken IV - Jules Pappalardo joins on bass and Larry moves to gtr (Larry's third instrument in the Unbroken line up!)

The Unbroken VI (2017) - Alyssa and Trever move on to focus on Trever's band PA Line (they kick ass check them out!), Mike James (Drums), Jules Pappalardo (Bass), Jon Koch (violin)


Check out the reverbnation page to hear the EP we put out in 2013


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What songs do you write when you have 1 week a year to write and record an album?


We write as we breathe. It is necessary, subconscious, self-serving and life-preserving.


It's not exactly screw the audience but what happens in Shutterwax recording sessions is a rush of lyrics and instrumentation that is not pre-conceived or constructed and happens as much to our surprise as we assume it is for the listening audience.


(update: In July 2015 we recorded another 7 songs... releases coming)


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