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Harvey Brice

"Simply put, music moves me like nothing else in life.


Whether it makes me think, dance, relax, cry, fight, I want to feel it. I'm one of these people that doesn't have a specific genre that I listen to. Musically, if it's in time, in tune and has great tone I want to here it.


Lyrically I am a big fan of songs with narrative, but also songs that speak to the human condition and are intelligent in their construction regardless of genre.


I've observed that the musical vehicles can change but its the importance and the execution of the message that carries a song up and out of an artists hands onto a world stage.


The alchemy of song-writing, arrangement, sound engineering and success in the music industry has been a preoccupation of mine since childhood. My goal is to get just one song, one artist, one recording so good that it stands up to the industry and is shared with the world.


It is the role of the engineer and producer, in partnership with the artist, to remove from the song anything which may distract the listener from understanding the message and to add wherever a point can be articulated more fully or with greater impact by whatever means necessary.


I bring 35 years of personal experience across a broad set of musical disciplines to your project. You will bring me the joy of experiencing something I've never heard before. Together we can get your music to its full potential"


Harvey Brice (artist / sound engineer / producer)

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