Studio 107 - Singer songwriter studio

As well as being a singer-songwriter Harvey Brice is proud owner of project studio Studio 107.


Studio 107 features everything you need to get from idea to demo quickly and with a great sound quality.


The studio has been put together by Harvey Brice at his home in Buffalo, NY and features everything he needs for his own recording purposes.


Since 2015 it's now a space you can book to track and mix your next big hit without the expense of larger studio setups. Harvey himself presides over sessions to help with artistic choices and to engineer the perfect sound for your song.


The room is approximately 12' x 12' and is a frequency balanced dead room for excellent sound recording and monitoring.


The DAW is the latest Protools software loaded with Waves plugin bundles, Manny Reverb and Delay, C6 compression, EZDrummer (Multiple loop bundles), 88 key midi keyboard and synth software to build out your song quickly.


The room features the following rack units: Line 6 Pod Pro and Bass V-Amp pro guitar and bass effects units, vintage 80s Ibanez Harmonics and Delay, Yamaha GEP50 and SPX90 guitar effects units, Rocktron XDC, 3 Dbx compressors including DBX286A Mic Preamp/processor.


The room also boasts a range of dynamic and condenser mics ready to capture vocals and a range of instrumentation. Primary vocal mic is the Apex 435. Live drum recording is not currently available (coming 2016), Cajon and a range of percusssion are paired with EZDrummer to great effect. For those audiophiles who think that won't cut it, listen to Harvey's latest album!


Studio Services provided:


Tracking - recording stems without editing ready to take home to your own mix

Performance - Studio 107 is proud to be friends with some of Buffalo's best instrumentalists, session rates vary based on performer and requirements

Editing - pitch and timing adjustments and multi-take comping

Mixing - bring your recording to life by having Harvey mix your work and throw in a few creative ideas!

Quick Master - Harvey is very practiced at using a range of mastering plugins to get your music ready to share



Single rate session prices avaialble per song ranging based on instrumentation and services required call Harvey on 716-225-1878 for more details.

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